Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Questions for Shadow Mountain

First let me say thanks for all of the support and encouragement on the blog tour. Out of nineteen votes on the poll, eighteen people said they’d be willing to buy a book they read about on a blog. Of course I guess you could expect that from bloggers. But still that’s even better odds than the dentists who recommended Trident for their patients who chew gum. I’ll take those odds.

I talked to my editor today and it looks like the ARCs will be ready in early May. So I should be able to start moving forward with the blog tour in April. I’ve got about 30-40 bloggers who expressed interest—either through comments or e-mails. So now I’ve just got to figure out a grass roots way to reach another 100+ bloggers. Maybe word of mouth will spread once I actually start signing people up. Thanks for the Librarything idea. As soon as I have a book available, I’ll join as an author and see if there is more interest there. I assume Shadow Mountain will do the early review copies there as well, like they did with “The 13th Reality.”

I also have a meeting with the art department to discuss my cover on Friday. It’s like getting a little hint at what might be wrapped under the Christmas tree. Can’t wait!

Since several people have asked me about my publisher and the process of selling a book, I was thinking maybe we could do a Q&A with Lisa, the acquisitions editor at Shadow Mountain. If you’ve got any questions you’d like her, post them here and I’ll see if I can get her to answer them before the weekend. She’s pretty busy with a lot of projects, but I’ll see what I can do.


Anna said...

Sounds sooo cool! I can't wait to read your book. It sounds good. I do have a question for Lisa.

If I wanted to publish with Shadow Mountain, how much would I have to pay to get the book published? What fees does the author pay and what fees does the publisher pay?

I've asked lots of questions about publishing before, and I've always had a hard time getting a concrete answer. In short, how much does the author have to pay to get their book published?

Brian said...

I can't wait for the contest. Just to make sure though, can you post an exact date and rules for the contest about a week or two before? I want to be sure (and I'm sure that others do too) that I know exactly how I could win an ARC. I can't wait. By the way, if you want to come up with a way to get people to try to get an ARC, do what I suspect you did with me. Go blog surfing for anyone who you think might be interested, and post a comment. As you can see, that one comment got me posting comments and reading on your blog almost daily. If that was your plan from the beginning, just think of this as assurance that it was a good plan.
Good Luck,

Sean Ashby said...

Here's my question...

"Leven Thumps" and "Fablehaven" have such amazing, elaborate websites, and, as a professional graphic designer, I know that those could not have been cheap! I just wondered if Shadow Mountain, being a relatively small publisher, has the means to do that with all its new titles or maybe just the "New York Times Bestsellers"? I've seen a number of other web sites built for NYT bestselling books and they stunk, frankly.

Here's hoping you get a sweet one, too, Scott!

Irish said...

Why wait to join LibraryThing. Join now...its fun...and you do lots of early buzz for your novel. You can also head into the Green Dragon and get yourself acquainted with everyone. Bring a plate of cheese with you and you will be loved. Just make sure to watch out for the roombas! ;-)

I've also bought many books that I've read reviewed on blogs (and LT of course). I prefer to find new reads in those places because I can get a feel about what I'll like or not like based on other common books that I share with the blogger (or LTer).


Anonymous said...

Questions for your editor: What kind of material is Shadow Mountian looking for right now? What kind of things do they NOT want? What's the their process after they receive a submission?

J Scott Savage said...

Good questions so far! Keep them coming. Lisa has agreed to answer them tomorrow morning.

Brian, in answer to your question of whether my post on your site was intentionally to draw you over here. (Evil laugh) Yes and no. I've seen people who basically spam other sites to get people to their site. I hate that!!!! But if you want to become part of a community, you need to join that community. So in conjunction with starting this site, I have spent at least an hour a day visiting other book sites. Sometimes it does draw people here. But even better, it lets me get a better understanding of the book blogging community.

Okay, Irish. You talked me into it. I'm coming on over and I'm bringing cheese!

Irish said...

Its about time! ;-) You'll love the site. Its highly addicting and very welcoming to authors. Be sure to email Abby (the LT librarian so she can give you one of those purdy LT author badges) =)

(LT ID: Irisheyz77)

Worldbuilder Robin said...

Here's my question: On Shadow Mountain's website, it mentions sending query letters and either a few chapters or the entire manuscript. They prefer physical hard copies. My question is, can a query letter be sent via e-mail, or should it be sent by "snail mail" as well?

Also, their site mentions children's books. What types of children's books are they most interested in right now?

Brian said...

Irish and Scott-
What is this library thing you are talking about? If it's a website for book lovers, give me the web address. If it's not, give me the web address anyway. I want to find out what it is. I'm getting very confused by this.

Jeff Savage said...

You'll love it!

Anonymous said...

You are a wise man, Charlie Brown.

Terry Finley