Monday, April 21, 2008

Round 3 Results

First let me highly encourage you to go out and get the third book in NY Times Best Selling Author, Brandon Mull's Fablehaven YA fantasy series. I seriously believe this may be one of the most enjoyable series since HP. I got a chance to get an early copy, but it's on sale everywhere today, and it totally rocks! Fablehaven 3 Grip of the Shadow Plague

Another day, another round completed. Today I’m ending things just a little early as I’m on a business trip in Michigan, (Can you believe 70+ degrees? That’s like 25 degrees warmer than Utah today. Shirt sleeve weather!) so I’m ending just a little early to hit the hay. No ties today. The winners are clear:

His Dark Materials by Phillip Pullman and Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin tie for first with seven votes each.

Dresden Files by Jim Butcher with six votes

Tales of Alvin Maker by Orson Scott Card with five votes

And Space Trilogy by C.S. Lewis with four votes

Maybe the biggest surprise is that Inheritance didn’t make the cut. Does that say something about plot, writing, movie, or all three?

In response to anon's comment about Ice and Fire, (which I haven't read yet. so I can't comment on it) unlike movies, there are no ratings on books. So, I would recommend you do a little research before reading any book or series. With the number of reviews available online these days, there's no need to read something you are uncomfortable with without knowing in advance that the type of novel may not be your style. Different people have differnt tastes.

So on to Round 4. Should be a couple of familiar names in this round.

On a totally unrelated note, can I just say I am so pumped for the Speed Racer movie? I know that says a lot about my geekdom and age. But I grew up with the Mach 5, and it looks like they did a great job with the movie. Yes!


Brian said...

My parents think it looks kinda silly, and to tell the truth, I agree. They said Speed Racer was barely a show and were wondering how they would make a movie about it. Either way, a friend will probably take me to see it, and I'll probably like it. I was surprised that Inheritance didn't make it. I loved the series. I voted for it. Maybe it's because it wasn't completely finished. The movie wasn't that great either. They missed so much of the plot.

J Scott Savage said...


Clearly your parents didn't watch enough of the episodes. There was the whole older brother who ran away thing (Racer X), the romance with Trixie, it was great. Okay maybe it was only great to an eight year-old. But it just makes me happy to see my favorite cartoon of all time coming to the big screen.

Yeah, I think the movie did hurt Inheritance. I also think Paolini is only going to become a better writer with time. I wish I had started at his age.

raych said...

In regards to Ice and Fire, I'm midway through the second book with books 3 and 4 sitting on my shelf and a week of vacation ahead of me (wheeeeeeeee!), and I am totally loving them. On the other hand, I can totally see how someone would find it a bit much. I always wonder, when I give a book a glowing review, if I should add that it has a ton of sex in it, or violence. Books SHOULD be rated, just so we know.

As always, awesome competition. I love watching books fight to the death.

Chris said...

Loving this competition! Not to be a pain in the butt, but you have "Brandon Dorman's" Fablehaven listed in the post :p And while I guess you could look at it like that since he had some part in it, I just though I'd let you in on that.

I'm psyched about Speed Racer too! It looks like they did a remarkable job of translating it to the screen and capturing the feel of the original yet making it embraceable by a new genre as well. I hope it does well. We'll see!

Glad to see Alvin Maker AND Ice and Fire made the cut! Two of my favorites. I figured Martin would be in there but had no idea that someone other than me would vote for Alvin Maker. On Card's forums I have people to talk to about that series but no one else seems to have even heard of it aside from me! So glad to see that at least 4 other people enjoyed it who visit your site!!

J Scott Savage said...


That was exactly my thought on the SR preview. Of course the actual movie could be grbage. But it looks like they brought the spirit of the show across.

Good catch on Brandon Mull/Dorman. I do that way too often. What's really bad is when I'm at a conference where I'm taking about Brandon Mull, Brandon Dorman, and Brandon Sanderson, who is writing the last Wheel of Time series.

Agreed on the OSC series. I have all his books, but most people don't know much about him after the Ender series. Nice to see.

DesLily said...

Ok you and Chris are still kids so Speed Racer is exciting yet. (yes I did watch it..with my kids!) But being "or an age".. I'm waiting for Indiana Jones !!

... oh... and Inkheart! heh.

Anna said...

Inheritance is good, and I do enjoy reading the books. Paolini is amazing for his age, but I think he isn't at the top of his potential yet. He'll get there. It's too bad the movie was such a fluke. I did like Jeremy Irons as Brom, and they did a good job on animating the dragon. The music was ridiculous. I'm glad that LOTR won first place in Round 2....I was out of town so I didn't get to vote!

Brian said...

While we're still on the topic of movies, for those of you who like Ender's Game, I'm pretty sure that they're making a movie out of it, fusing Ender's Game and Ender's Shadow. The good thing is, that even if the movie is a fluke, Ender's Game already has a good reputation. I'm not entirely sure if they're making a movie, but I think they are. (And I can't wait for the video game they're making out of the game they played! I forgot the name of it!!!)

Worldbuilder Robin said...

Any chance Inheritance can be added back in for voting? Maybe as a "last chance to include it" thing? I'm sorry I haven't been here to vote for the other three rounds, and I certainly would have voted for Inheritance if I had remembered to do so :(

I enjoyed Eldest much more than Eragon, and have high hopes for Brisingr. Yes, the movie disappointed, but that should not hurt the series as an all-time favorite.

Chris said...

Brian, Yep the movie has been in the works for a few years now and there are lots of kinks to be worked out. OSC has turned in quite a few different screenplays for it, but the studios always have differences of opinion and he wants it portrayed correctly...who knows when and if it will get made. Wolfgang Peterson was on board to direct, don't know if he still is. One of the main problems is that they would have to make the kids in battle school a bit older in order to get actors to play the roles...probably between the ages of 10-12. I doubt you'd be able to find a cast of 15 6-year olds who were up to task to play child geniuses. So there's some controversy with that too. I'm psyched about the battle school game too!