Friday, June 6, 2008

Hi from D-Land!

Hey everybody! I know I've been a little quiet lately. That's because we are all out in SoCal, soaking up the sun and spending a little one-on-one time with Mickey Mouse. (Okay, I admit it's a little more like 20,000-on-one time. But we're having a ball.)

It looks like most of you have received your ARCs by now. A couple of you joined at the last minute and I didn't get you into the first mailing. Those will go out early next week. If you joined the tour any time before last week and haven't received your ARC yet, please e-mail me so I can check on it.

A few of you also had questions about the blog tour which I will try and answer.

1) Can we post a review before the tour on Goodreads or Librarything? Yes. Feel free to post a review on other sites. Any publicity helps.

2) Do we need to wait until our review to run the contest? No. You can start your contest anytime. In fact, Anne at Not Entirely British, is running her contest now.

3) How do we get our second (contest) ARC? If you want to send it out personally, I will have it mailed to you. Otherwise, just send me the name and address of the person it goes to. I will take them all over to Shadow Mountain for mailing about once a week.

4) When should we send you our questions if we are doing a Q&A? Anytime after you've read the book? I've already done a couple of fun ones.

Also, I wanted to give a shout out to Ally Condie, author of “Freshman for President.” We are reading it as a family right now and having a ball with the story of 15-year-old Milo Wright running for president of . . . the United States. Very, very funny and good. I’ll let you know when we finish it.

Thanks again and I'm looking forward to getting back into the blogging groove and hearing more about how you liked Farworld next week. Until then, "Ears to you!" Raising a Buzz Lightyear cup of soda.


Tamra Norton said...

Don't forget to wear sunscreen! :)

Have a blast in sunny CA!

DesLily said...

good to hear that you are having a great family time!!

looking forward to your return to 'da blog"

Anonymous said...

Since you said we could start our contests, I decided to put mine up. Take a look at it when you get a chance, and tell me what you think:

Mindy said...

I am going in to the DL in two weeks? What was the weather like, and how were the crowds? MY bro-in-law can get on the millions on the Buzz game, Zurg has a special tiny target hidden on his shield.

Book is great so far!!!

Melinda said...

Your blog entry has had me dreaming about Disneyland.


And thanks for saying hi to all us covetous souls who wish it were us instead of you. :-)

Danyelle Ferguson said...

How fun! Disneyland is so awesome. Have a great time!

gautami tripathy said...

May I jump the line and ask for an ARC from you? I to review books. I got here J. Kaye's blog!

Nothing wrong in asking, is there?!