Saturday, July 19, 2008

Best Villians and More Tour

So apparently Moviefone has come up with their list of the top ten movie villains of all time. Cool. In my mind, the first character that popped into my head was Norman Bates. Especially considering when Psycho came out, he was the creepiest of the creepy. I think what sold me on him was that he killed pretty much whoever dropped by. Nothing personal, just doing my job. Slash, slash, slash. But then, the whole mother twist at the end. I had lots of bad dreams about him. So I was sure he would be one of the top ten, if not number one.

But then I see the list, and he doesn’t even make it. What? How can that be? That’s like leaving The Babe out of the MLB hall of fame. It’s like forgetting Queen in the list of the best rock bands. It’s like not including Harry Potter in the best fantasy books. Ahh, but there’s our problem. Harry Potter trumps all. So the top movie villain, hold your breath if you haven’t already heard, is . . .

Voldemort? What? Really? Voldemort is the BEST movie villain of all time? Are you kidding me? Okay, the dude was a pretty good villain in books. And he was okay in the movies. But are you telling me he was scarier than Nazgul in LOTR? Are you telling me he was meaner than Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty? This woman put a family's daughter to sleep for 100 years. Talk about rude!

I don’t buy it, but here’s their list.

1. Lord Voldemort, Harry Potter - Ralph Fiennes

I’ve said enough about this. Bad choice. Not even the best villain in the last ten years.

2. Darth Vader, Star Wars -James Earl Jones, Hayden Christensen

Who’s going to argue with this? Dude was a GREAT villain.

3. Wicked Witch Of The West, The Wizard Of Oz - Margaret Hamilton

Don’t know that I’d put her near this high. But yeah, she and her flying monkeys gave me some pretty bad nightmares.

4. Hannibal Lecter, Silence Of The Lambs - Anthony Hopkins

Oh yeah. Waaayyyy creepy. He is in my top ten. Although the guy who was taking the girls and sewing their skin was also pretty nasty.

5. Joker, The Dark Knight - Heath Ledger

Okay, I have a big problem here. He can make the list next year. But this list was made before the movie even came out. You can’t put a guy in the HOF before he even comes up to bat. Even if he is great. The entertainment world is going to miss him, but no sentimental vote here.

6. Goldfinger, Goldfinger - Gert Frobe

Huh? Nope. Lots of better villains, even in the Bond movies alone. I personally thought the Jaws character was pretty good.

7. Chigurgh, No Country For Old Men - Javier Bardem

No comment. Haven’t seen it.

8. Hans Gruber, Die Hard - Alan Rickman

Another swing and a miss. No idea why he made the list.

9. Max Cady, Cape Fear – Robert De Niro

Okay. He was scary.

10. The Queen, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs- Lucille La Verne

Base hit. But I think a homer would have been Maleficent. I mean, dude, she could turn into a dragon!

So who were your favorite movie villains? And just for fun, who are you favorite book villains. I’d have to put the clown from IT pretty high on my list. Bonus question, what makes a good villian for you?

In blog tour news, I’ve been having a ball globe trotting and doing virtual interviews. Here are some more of the tour stops.

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Thanks so much to everyone who is taking part. If you have posted a review or interview and I missed you, please let me know. If you have sent me questions that I haven’t answered. I’m hurrying. I promise!


Stephanie Humphreys said...

I agree that the list missed the mark by quite a bit. Yes Norman Bates is great villain. And the villains in LOTR are truly awesome.

Kimberly said...

I read that list and my knee-jerk reactions is, "How ridiculous." Way, way off. The reason why? Some of those villains just make too much sense.

For me, the best villains, whether of the written word or the silver screen, are the ones I can't comprehend the motives of. Want to take over the world? I totally get that. Want to revenge yourself on someone? Yup, makes sense to me. It's the truly evil ones who give me the heebie-jeebies. Who hurt people for the sheer joy of it.

Maybe that's why I could handle watching James Bond with my Dad at the tender age of seven? Those dudes were so transparent.

DesLily said...

I do think Hannibal is one of the best.. but when it comes to movies the deal there is that you have the right actor/actress to pull it off! (like Hopkins!)

I don't read a lot of "scary" books so the villians I read are mostly "mild" lol.. although Lord Foul did fairly well...and there were a number of foul folk in the Dragonlance series.

Frank, Heidi and Family said...

You really should see No Country For Old Men. Chigurgh is top 3 easily and I seriously think Umbridge was worse than Voldemort because of easy she got off in Potter 5.

Grant Stone said...

Hans Gruber? Come on! I prefer woman as villians, because somewhere in our psyche we think they are all virtuous.

Kathy Bates in Misery was a great villain. James Caan is a best-selling novelist on his way home from his hidaway in Colorado after finishing his latest novel. He crashes and Kathy Bates finds him, turns out she's his "number one fan" and takes him back to her cabin were she cripples him to keep him from leaving. Pretty wicked stuff.

Another cool woman villian was Jessica Walter in Play Misty For Me, an old 70s movie with Clint Eastwood. It has to do with another obsessed fan.

So, maybe psychotic fans are just plain creepy.

Annette Lyon said...

Now if they would have said Alan Rickman in Prince of Thieves, I'd have agreed. Pretty dumb movie overall, but he was a wicked bad villain, esp. in regards to Maid Marion. Freaked me out big time.

Anonymous said...

Never forget, HP is written and filmed for a certain generation (who returned to reading by these books) It's a fairy-tale and Ralph (pronounced Rafe by old English habit as the great English actor Ralph Richardson did it too - besides I am informed that in the USA there is also democracy and everybody has the right to spell and pronounce his name as he/she wants. ) plays Voldemort (not Voldemart) excellently. He has the aura of Evil. Beside his snake-look
he remains the outcast child grown into a terrible villainous abject adult full of rage without love. He's really frightening beside that he has to be a fairy-tale baddie. You can remember: he played adult monsters too: Amon Goeth on the first place (from Schindler's List) and now Harry Waters (In Bruges) is a funny monster too. He deserves the first place - I vote for him.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

(sorry about that other post - yeah, I can type...)

Aw, c'mon - Snape was a better villain than Voldemort!

And, from one "biggest fan" to another, I agree with Grant on Kathy Bates in Misery. She was just wayyyy too freaky!

Although, I have an obscure vote - Pitcannon in "With Honors" is one of the best villains of all time. Maybe because he is just so real - he's not a murderer, but an old politician filled with hate - and to me that is far more frightening than a cartoon character.

Tamra Norton said...

So I pretty much have to vote for The Trunchbull from Matilda--classic villainess...or villain. It was hard to tell, really.

Crystal Liechty said...

I agree with everything you said, oh wise one. Though I will add, I had a kind of weird crush on Norman Bates for awhile. Don't know what that says about my upbringing, but there it is.

Erica Lyn said...

Yeah so I definitely agree with the clown from IT and the Trunchibal from Matilda.

I also agree that Voldemort is not an adequate bad guy. Maybe in the books, I can see that. But even then, and especially in the movies, I think his name presents more fear than actually he himself. You never see him, and when you do, it's the circumstances surrounding that build him up to creepiness. He doesn't create enough of a presence, regardless of how weird he looks.

I can't really think of any other good ones. Disney has had some good villains, like Malificent, Cruella DeVil, the witch from Snow White (does she have a name?). HAL 9000 was pretty bad and Cillian Murphy.. from Red Eye and the Batman movies.. his eyes could win the creepy award.

Dave Cebrowski (aka DCWAVE) said...

I disagree with the list.

I like villains that seem like they are going to win throughout the story and have some type of interesting psychosis and/or back story.

My top 5 in no particular order
Headless Horseman | Christopher Walken, Sleepy Hollow

Jack Torrance | Jack Nicholson, The Shining

Khan | Ricardo Montalban, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

The Kurgan | Clancy Brown, Highlander

Agent Smith | Hugo Weaving, The Matrix series

T said...

Hey - I was going to say the Trunchbull - doesn't matter if she can turn into a dragon, that's one nasty lady.
Since Tamra took mine I'll have to go with Bill Sykes (of Oliver fame) - he's just real enough that his cruelty scares the bezerbers out of me!

Kellie Buckner said...

I think the Queen from Snow White trumps Maleficent because Snow White was her step daughter and she wanted to cut her heart out, not just put her to sleep for a century. That's what freaks me out-it's family that's planning the killing.