Monday, July 7, 2008

Tour, Tour, Tour

Hope everybody had a great weekend. I had a chance to hang with most of the relatives on my side of the family, cooking burgers and shooting off fireworks. And I only came away with a few minor burns on the backs of my hands and one on top of my head. Okay, so maybe I stay a little too long trying to light just one more firework as the others are starting up. For those of you sending me questions, I’m catching up as fast as I can. But keep them coming because I’m having a ball answering them.

I just heard from my publisher that the blue lines are done and the books are actually in the process of being printed and bound. I’ve got a book show signing scheduled for early August and they are hoping I’ll have hard copies by then. Whoo hoo! Can’t wait. I’m even officially listed on Shadow Mountain’s web site. No reviews from the big boys yet, but all the feedback I’m getting is positive. The only real negative I’m hearing is that the pace of book one is so fast there is not as much time to get to know the characters and the Dark Circle as people would like.

I don’t plan to slow down the pace in book two, but I am going to provide a lot more meat to Kyja, Marcus, and the bad guys. In a way it is shaping up a little like HP 4, which was my favorite HP book. The plan is to get it to my editor by the end of August/Early September. Speaking of early September, we are finalizing the two week book tour and should have firm dates and locations soon.

Here are the newest reviews on the tour.

Jewel from Jewel’s World who I had the pleasure of writing a blurb for recently. If you haven’t read her blog, you should. She really is a jewel.

KT at What KT Reads wrote a great review and will be doing a Q&A soon.

Sandra, Ethan, and James at The Dance went rafting on the Provo River with me. Which was a ball, until James pushed me out of the raft. We’re going to have words.

Danyelle of Queen of the Clan and I got to hang in her newly remodeled kitchen. (check out the pics of it!)

Candace Salima and I hung out in her newly remodeled blog at Dream a Little Dream.

And Christine at She Reads Books gave me a review of more than her first six word review.

Wait, just added one more!! How could I have forgotten my trek into the Australian Outback with the lovely and talented, T. For her blog You Asked For It? It was a lot of fun.

Thanks everybody! You all are awesome!!!!


Anonymous said...

No joke, it took me about three tries to understand what your sentence about my review meant. Then I remembered that I read Farworld in June, so it was in the June recap.

Some days, you know, I'm pretty slow.

Tamra Norton said...

You ARE coming to Houston, right?! :)

DesLily said...

wow, the tour is really on a roll now!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Scott. Buy your ticket to Milwaukee for the beginning of August. Farworld Blog Tour goes Midwest!
Looks like you are having a great time, so far. See you soon.

Danyelle Ferguson said...

Loved being on the blog tour! Can't wait to see the rest of the reviews. Have a great tour!

DesLily said...

had to come and tell you.. i finally noticed that has your book cover showing with the "pre-order" (looks great!).. also when Amazon lists books it always lists "people who order your book also ordered..." and they have you listed with "also ordered INKDEATH!" Man, you are in some gooooooood company! Her first book is waiting release as a movie!.. this is a good sign!

Brian said...

Hooray! I'm back on Blogger. I'm really excited about all the stuff you talked about while I was gone and I can't wait to send in my review and Q&A. Don't forget to come to Seattle! I'm really excited about the website too.

Shirley Bahlmann said...

Great going on the book tour! You're really wearing out those soles on your hiking boots, and swim fins! Hope you make gobs of money so you can replace them.

T said...

okay - next time I interview you I swear I'll do all the traveling, I can't believe you made it back from Australia in one piece - you didn't fly Oceanic did you? Okay - I can't beat you for airline stories - but last time I flew I ended up next to the off duty flight attendant and she very well may have been the one you shouldn't listen to :)