Friday, August 21, 2009

Great Review of Water Keep on Fantasy Book Critic Site

Hey all, heading out for one last weekend of camping, so I post again on Monday. But Kirk Shaw, a good friend and great editor, forwarded me this review of Water Keep that Cindy Hannikman just put up at Fantasy Book Critic. These are the kinds of things that make you sing and dance all day as an author—when someone really “gets” your book. Have a great weekend and I’ll try not to sink our new six person raft!

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Blue said...

she did an excellent job of summarizing my feelings about it. the only problem is The Wait between books! I always tell myself I'm not going to start an unfinished series, because I'm not very good with delaying gratification. This gap is killing me Scott!

I've got two signed copies of your book. I'll trade you one of them for an advance copy of the next one ;)

again, you've created something magical and wonderful. that's hard to do and i'm glad to have been one of the early fans.

Word Verification: wallishe. as in "Blue's back was up against the wallishe waited patiently for Scott's next book to come out.