Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Four Things

First thing: A big shout out to my friends at Two Rivers High School. Thanks so much for an awesome night. I had a great time. Cassie Cox and the folks at Olive Garden deserve a huge thanks for putting on a great event and introducing several of us YA authors to some truly amazing kids. It was a wonderful time and awesome company!

Second thing: If you have some free time this Saturday, and live anywhere in the Utah County area, I'd love to have you drop by the Teen Book Fest at the Provo library. Scott Westerfeld--one of my all time fav YA authors will be there along my buddies Brandon Mull, Brandon Sanderson, Ally Condie, and with a ton of author awesome teen authors from here in Utah. I may actually even wear a costume. More info here.

Third thing: The charming and lovely author, Krista Lynne Jensen, gave me this spiff blogger award, if I promised to quit stalking her.

Along with the aforementioned stipulation, I think I am also supposed to list five of my favorite words and pass this award on to two other deserving people.

1) Miasma--A noxious atmosphere or influence. I think I learned this word when I was about twelve and reading a Peter Straub book. I love it.

2) Meander-- To move aimlessly and idly without fixed direction. I may have learned this word at about the same time. It showed up regularly on my elementary school report cards, along with daydreamer. I like it because it sounds like exactly what it is.

3) "Dicked in the nob."--A regency phrase meaning silly or crazed. Okay, I know this is actually a phrase, not a word. But I learned it from one of my critique group members, and it has become a staple of conversation since then.

4) Truculent--Disposed to fight. Pugnacious. Don't you just love a word whose definition is another cool word? My son isn't bad, he's just truculent. You know, pugnacious. It almost sounds cute. (And for the record my sons are much more inclined to ducking and running than truculence. It comes from their dad, who joined the Army and went, "Wait, why did I do this again?")

5) Nominal--Along with several other definitions, insignificantly small; trifling. Don't you get a kick out of when people use this kind of word in contracts or ads when talking about fees? Because if it's really such a nominal fee, why don't we just waive it altogether? Eh?

And finally, I will pass this award on to Annette Lyon and Lu Ann Staheli, two of the most literate people I know.

Finally, the fourth thing: My favorite Halloween joke. What did the skeleton order at the bar? A mop and a broom. Yeah, I know, not exactly scintillating humor. But it always cracks me up. My ten year old son, who says he wants to be a sit-down comedian when he grows up, tells me I need to work on my routine.

Have a great Halloween, and come by the library if you get a chance.

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Krista said...

Thanks, Jeff! Great words... "Dicked in the nob"... now who could have taught you that? I'm thinking Sarah. Or Rob. Love it.