Friday, December 10, 2010

Reetroe Frydae (Mispelled Verzion)

Recently Jen and I introduced our two youngest children to the joys of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adveture.

Bill: I'm Bill S. Preston, Esquire!
Ted: And I'm Ted Theo-
[realizes *he's* holding the camera]
Ted: Hold on. Bill, here. You take it.
Bill: Okay.
Ted: And I'm Ted "Theodore" Logan!
[Bill puts the camera on the table]
Bill, Ted: And we're... WYLD STALLYNS!

As part of watching the movie, we got into discussing whether Bill & Ted intentionally misspelled their band’s name, or if they just weren’t all that smart. So in honor of Wyld Stallyns, I thought I’d share songs from three classic rock bands who intentionally misspelled their names.

Let’s start with a classic. According to legend this band got it’s name, led Zeppelin, when Keith Moon and John Entwistle, of The Who, said that a band made up up themselves, Jimmy Page, and Jeff Beck would go down like a lead zeppelin. The ironic thing is that they dropped the 'a' in Lead at the suggestion of their manager, Peter Grant, to prevent "thick Americans" from pronouncing it "leed".

Probably their best known song is “Stairway to Heaven.” But I really like this one too.

Next is a group, that that was named after a band Joe Elliott made up while writing reviews of imaginary bands in his English class. Gotta like that English teacher. (I’m sure it was an actual assignment right?) Interestingly, Jeff was a big Led Zepplin fan. The original name was Deaf Leopard. But they changed the spelling to Def Leopard, because . . . well because they could I guess.

Last of all is a band that named themselves Leonard Skinnerd after a PE teacher at Robert E. Lee High School, Leonard Skinner who was known for strictly enforcing the school's policy against boys having long hair. They changed the spelling to Lynyrd Skynyrd, and later invited the teacher to introduce them at a concert.

Free Bird was another classic at dances back in the day. And any kid with a guitar and a dream of being a rock star had to learn Stairway to Heaven and the Free Bird guitar solo.

There you go! Who says you have to be a good speller to be successful?


David Glenn said...

Nice way to get people to notice your new blog post.

Sarah M Eden said...

Excellent... bogus.

Mispelled said...

Ohh... that's really mispelled ;-)