Monday, February 14, 2011

What’s Your Favorite Romantic Movie Scene?

A couple of years ago, my wife and I had friends over to the house and one of the wives asked what everyone’s favorite romantic scene from a movie was. For some reason my mind went totally blank. Ask me my favorite action scene, (The first five minutes of the first Indiana Jones movie), comedy scene (the Ned Ryerson (Bing) series in Ground Hog Day), bad guy (Hannibal Lechter), fight scene (the second Mr. T fight in Rocky 3), and I’m good to go. But romance. Hmmm.

You don’t exactly win brownie points for naming your favorite fight scene on Valentines Day, though. So, with many deep sighs and significant head scratching, here are my three favorite romantic movie scenes.

1) Pretty much the whole movie The Notebook. I don’t know why, but for some reason that movie just gets me. There are so many memorable romantic scenes. My favorite is probably not the one most people think of though. It’s where James Garner’s kids come to try and get him to leave the nursing home and come home with them, He says, “Look guys, that's my sweetheart in there. I'm not leaving her, this is my home now. Your mother is my home.”

Even reading that makes my chest tighten. I think it’s because even after all the years, he’d still rather be with his sweetheart who can’t remember him than anyone else in the world. That’s the way I feel about my Jennifer, and I have no doubt I always will. So, yeah, mush.

I tried to find the actual clip. But this is the best I could do. You can hear the quote in the first couple of seconds of this music video.

2) Pretty much any old Meg Ryan movies. She just had the best smile in the world. And she and Tom Hanks were one of my favorite movie couples of all time. I could pick half a dozen scenes. But I really like this one from the end of You’ve Got Mail.

This version is actually without the dialog, but I think I like it even better because you get to focus on what an incredible job she does of portraying, surprise, confusion, sorrow, and ultimately joy (starting at about 2:11) that he’s the one who’s been writing to her.

3) I think I’m going to get slapped down on this one from some of my female readers. “Wait, you’re putting Adam Sandler in your top three romantic movie scenes!?” But yeah, he and Drew Barrymore are another of the couple that just click so well for me. Every time I come across The Wedding Singer on cable, I get pulled into it all over again.

I could list any of a dozen scenes from their movies, but one of my favorites is from 50 First Dates, where he realizes she has been singing and that maybe, just maybe, she remembers him. You’re all excited for him. And when he asks, “Do you remember me?” you are so sure she does, that when she says no, you are as shocked and disappointed as he is. That makes the scene where she shows him her paintings even more powerful. My favorite part starts right at 2:00 on the clip below.

So yeah, I don’t have a heart of stone. Silly Putty maybe, but not stone. In fact, I’ll add one more of my favorites. Just because it has my favorite actor of all time, and also because some of my own most romantic memories aren’t about going to expensive restaurants and staying in amazing hotels, but having nothing more than the love of my life and not needing any more than that. The scene starts at about the five minute mark.

Happy Valentine’s Day all. I hope you are spending it with the love of your life. And if you aren’t, I hope that you have a great movie to remind you that it won’t be long before you are united or reunited with that amazing someone that still makes your heart go crazy after more than twenty years.


Rebecca said...

If any of your female readers want to slap you for saying The Wedding Singer scene is one of your favorites, they'll have to answer to me. I cry at the end, in the airplane scene! Definitely one of the most romantic, sweetest scenes ever! I also agree with you about You've Got Mail, and one I'll add to the list is While You Were Sleeping. Ah, mush.

I haven't seen The Notebook yet, I liked 50 First Dates but the ending annoys me, and I can't watch It's a Wonderful Life because he yells at Uncle Billy and it makes me cry.

James Blevins said...
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James Blevins said...

I had to delete that last comment because Blogger won't let you edit stupid typos. You have to delete the post and create a new one. Yeah, I'm kind of anal about that sort of thing. Sorry :-(

Anyway, if any of your readers take issue with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, I'll stand up to them with you. I've seen The Wedding Singer dozens and dozens of times. I'm like you; if it's on, I will get sucked in and watch it to the end. It's one of the best romantic comedies ever. Heck, it's one of my favorite movies period.

How romantic is the thought of growing old with the woman you love? I wanna make you smile whenever you're sad, carry you around when your arthritis is bad . . . Who doesn't see two old people in love and say to themselves: "That's what I want"? At least all the real men I know want that kind of love.

I haven't seen The Notebook, but it sounds like an awesome story that would make me reach for my Kleenex. Rebecca and I will have to see it now for sure.

Your other picks are also solid. Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks really go well together, don't they? I love their movies together! You have superb taste in romantic movies, Jeff. Were I wearing a hat, I would tip it westward in your general direction.

Rebecca said...

Not to hijack the comments, but James, I'm not going to watch The Notebook with you if it involves anyone dying. That one. . .has elderly people, right? Good chance of someone dying.

I like sweet-cry movies, not sad-I-love-you-as-you-die movies.

I still have a bone to pick with Pixar over Up. Way to spring that on unsuspecting parents watching a family movie with their kids.

Sarah M Eden said...

One of my all time favorite romantic scenes is at the very end of the 2007 version of "Persuasion." There is this look that the hero gives the heroine that melts me every single time. It's just a "I love this woman" kind of look. Aaahhh...

Mark said...

What? Romance? Oh, well I guess it had to come, bother.

O.K. I'm 100% with you on "You've Got Mail", that's one I watch whenever I don't feel good and need a pick me up.

How about True Lies? O.K. a guy flick, but for a guy like Arnold the way to say I love you is by beating the crap out of a few dozen terrorists, disarm an atomic bomb, save his daughter while flying a cool jet, and still being able to tango when he needs to.

O.K. In the real world I'd suggest you add "What Dreams May Come" Hey, how many guys do you know that would storm the gates of hell to save their soul mate? Well, apart from Jeff that is.

Finally, "The Princess Bride". Inconceivable that you'd leave that movie off your list. "That word you keep using. I do not think it means what you think it means." Gee, doesn't that sum up relationships? And if you can get past that, then true love is the next logical step.

J.N. Future Author said...

My most favorite Romantic movie is the Proposal. It never fails to make me smile and laugh at the antics of Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds

Besides the Proposal, my other two favorites are the Lake House and the Time Travelers Wife.

That scene in Lake House is so powerful where she is crying by the mailbox because she thinks she killed him. Or maybe I just like Sandra Bullock.

and Time Travelers Wife was just so so sad. But i felt it had a pretty good story....

Anonymous said...

My favorite: Where Princess Leia says "I love you" and Han Solo says "I know" - Empire Strikes Back

Suey said...

My favorite... the kiss in Some Kind of Wonderful. LOVE it!