Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Misc. Stuff

It’s not raining, snowing, or under 60 degrees, which this year in Utah makes it a great day! It’s been awhile since I’ve given you all an update on things, so here goes:

  • A couple of weeks ago, Jen and I were invited up to have dinner with a truly awesome bunch of writers at Writing Snippets. Yummy food and great company. Afterward, I sat down (I guess I was actually sitting down already, but you know what I mean) and recorded three 30 minute podcasts with them. The first on writing thrillers and the second on self promotion can be heard here. On of my favorite questions they asked me was about networking. I told them I think it’s very important, but for a different reason than you might think. Go listen to it. The wonderful ladies were awesome!
  • Last fall I was able to have dinner with an amazing group of kids. Cassie Cox invited me to join what she called “the best high school in Utah.” These were a group of kids who have overcome so incredible obstacles to be where they are. They had to earn the right to meet with a group of authors by reading our books. It was a really wonderful night. You can read about it here.

    What made it even more wonderful was that I received an e-mail a couple of months ago. This is from a follow up story this spring.

    “After meeting Jeff Scott Savage at the first authors’ dinner, student Erik Silsby wrote an essay about him for a state essay contest. He was inspired to write about

    Savage because he appreciated his genuineness.

    Silsby’s essay won the contest and he’s now competing in a national field with thousands of other high school writers. He was thrilled to meet more authors this spring. “

    That’s Erik talking to Sara Zarr.

    People ask what the best part about writing for kids is. There’s your answer. Congratulations Erik!
  • On the writing front, I am just finishing the second Fourth Nephite novel (written as Jeffrey S Savage.) Hopefully shortly after I turn that in, I will know more about the next Farworld book. No news about Demon Spawn a this point, but I do have a new middle grade novel, Zombie Kid, going on submission this week. 

  • Finally, if you are anywhere in the Utah County area, mark your calendars for Saturday Aug 13th. I will be doing an author event with the following authors at Pioneer Books in Orem. Don’t have all the details yet, but rumor is it will involve games, balloons, face painting, and Dutch oven cobbler.

    Nichole Giles   www.nicholegiles.blogspot.com

              Author of “Sharp Edge of the Knife” and “Mormon Mishaps and Mischief”


    Cindy Hogan   http://cindymhogan.blogspot.com

              Author of “Watched”

    Heather Justesen  


              Author of “Blank Slate,” “Rebound,” and “The Ball’s in Her Court”


    Tristi Pinkston   www.tristipinkston.com

    Author of The Secret Sisters Mysteries, debuting her latest novel “Hang ‘em High,” book three in the series



Blue said...

JSS, you are consistently one of my favorite bloggers. I gain more through reading your posts than nearly any other blog. Certainly the most about the writing process! I am so grateful for the time you take. I know it's not just me who benefits, but it sure feels like you write exactly what I have needed to hear. So I just wanted to thank you!
J Blue
PS: my Word Verification is "blest" and that sums the whole thing up righ there.

Danyelle Ferguson said...

How awesome about Erik! I hope he does well with the national competition. And dang, I'm just barely going to miss your author signing by two days! I fly back to Kansas (from Utah) on August 11th! Have a great time!