Thursday, July 12, 2012

What to Do With Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs)

Zombie Kids
The next step in the “Yep, it’s real.” process of having a book come out is getting ARCs. For those who might not know, ARCs are un-proofed advance copies of books, given out for early reviews, contests, etc.Not all publishers do ARCs, and not all books get ARCs. Usually they are done for early books in a series, or standalone books.

I got ten Zombie Kid ARCs in the mail yesterday. I’m going to keep one, give one to James Dashner, for blurbing the book, and save one to loan to family, friends, etc.

That leaves seven to give out. Here’s my plan. Two are going to people who ask to be added to a mailing list on Facebook (friend me at J Scott Savage and join the list if you want to take part.) The idea is that people read the book, hopefully post reviews online, and mail it to the next person on the list.

I am also going to give a couple away in contests. These copies will be for you to keep. The first contest will be tomorrow at 10:00 AM MST and it’s really easy. At 10:00 Mountain Standard Time, tomorrow morning, I will post a contest blog.

People can start commenting immediately. Whoever posts the 100th comment, gets a book. Easy huh? You can post as often as you want, and a post can be as simple as “Hi, Jeff!” Make sure it’s at least actually a word. A word of warning, when we get close to 100, things can go really fast, so don’t wait.

Just for fun, if we hit 300 comments before midnight Friday, I will give another ARC to the 300th commenter. (No, you can’t win twice.) Any questions? Remember if you don’t win,. I will do more contests, or you can add your name to my Facebook mailing list.

See you tomorrow!

If you have a book review blog, e-mail me and I’ll give you the Harper email address to request a review copy. No idea what their requirements are, but you can ask them.


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when is farworld air and fire keep coming out? I really want to read them.