Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Next Air Keep Chapter, & A Trying Week

This last week has been a major roller coaster for me. Last weekend I lost one of my very best friends and a loyal reader, my mom. When I was younger and heard about an adult losing a parent, I always kind of thought it was different than losing a parent when you are younger. I can’t speak from experience on the later. But I can say, I have never felt such pain and loss before.

My Mom was my best friend growing up and as an adult. We used to share Chinese food after school. She was an awesome listener and always wanted to hear what I had to say. She supported me in everything I did, and when I started writing, she was my biggest cheerleader. She used to take my books into her hairdresser, restaurants, her community center. Everyone of her friends who met me would say, “Oh, you’re the author.”

We knew her time was limited, but literally minutes before she passed away, we were joking and playing one of her favorite word games. Life will go on, but it will never be quite the same again. Somehow, even your greatest accomplishments aren’t quite as great without your mom to show them to. I've never written anything that my mom hasn't read. And I believe she is still reading everything I write, even though she isn't hear in person to point out typos anymore.

During the same week, my oldest child had her first baby. What an incredible thing it is to hold your first grandchild. People ask me if being a grandpa makes me feel old. On the contrary, I have never felt younger. I love the excitement of holding a new little life in my hands. It really is a thrill. Such an emotional roller coaster. Then trying to get my had back into writing. It’s been kind of crazy.

I seriously think the only thing that got me through this last week was the support of my friends and family. So thanks, everyone!

And now, here is the next chapter in the upcoming Air Keep, which will be out in late February of 2013.
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Marcus looked from his pack to the door. A coincidence? He didn’t think so. Whoever, or whatever, had taken his things had clearly led him here, to his old guardian’s room. The question was, what was he going to do about it?