School Visits

Scott is a dynamic speaker, and his 45-minute assembly, geared toward third grade and above, is fun and interactive. The theme of Zombie Kid is that being different is good. Scott talks about kids whose differences helped shape them into who they are. The theme of Farworld is that everyone has magic inside of them. They just need to discover their own magic.

He also teaches the students how to come up with an amazing story idea in less than five minutes using a hero, a goal, obstacles, and consequences of success and failure. Children become zombies, protagonists, and obstacles of their choice that have ranged from giant cheese monsters, to ballet-dancing dragons, to “Darth Mom.”

Scott came up with this part of his presentations after hearing teachers talk about students who had no idea how to write a story. This gives even the most reluctant students the tools to sit down and create something they are excited about.

Lastly, he emphasizes reading as a great way for children to discover their own interests.

The feedback from students, teachers, administrators and parents has been overwhelmingly positive, because while the students are laughing almost continually, they come away feeling good about their differences, knowing how to create a story, and excited to read. Scott has visited more than 400 schools in Utah, Idaho, Arizona, Nevada, California and Texas.

If you would like references from any of the schools he has visited, or to request a visit from Scott, send an e-mail to